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things we say to our kids [part 2]

A few weeks ago we shared a few things we believe should be continually cut from our vocabulary as parents. This week we share “part 2”: Things we are striving to say to our kids or looking forward to saying in the future. For this post I asked to a few parents from various seasons of parenting and asked them the… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 011

 [Thursdays here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful.  #ThankfulThursday] Today’s post is from Maria Watkins – she blogs at Life on M Avenue about family and their encounter with CDLS  – she and her husband have 4 children.  When my daughter Ella was born and diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder 3 years ago, my picture perfect world shattered… Read more »

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young heart

The battle for the young heart. Should I … Be more strict on what they listen to? what they watch? Teach them how to consume ___________ in moderation? Teach them how to give and not expect return…? Let them see me study my bible? Show them that men can cry? Let them play my instruments… Read more »

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a father’s heart

The band and all those connected (kids / wives) went to Fall Getaway (Nebraska’s Campus Crusade Fall…. you guessed it “Getaway”) – last weekend and had a great time!! We help usher students and staff into worship through music. Saturday morning I was at the main part of camp while my family and the rest… Read more »