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things we say to our kids [part 2]

A few weeks ago we shared a few things we believe should be continually cut from our vocabulary as parents. This week we share “part 2”: Things we are striving to say to our kids or looking forward to saying in the future. For this post I asked to a few parents from various seasons of parenting and asked them the… Read more »

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Lessons in the bathroom: Brushing Teeth

I was getting ready to head to the office this morning when our family was doing the morning routine – breakfast, clean up, switch PJ’s for suitable clothing, showers, etc.. you get the point – and have your own routine. It isn’t uncommon that you’re barged in on if you’re in the bathroom. We have… Read more »

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Big Dreamers

A few weeks ago we downsized the number of children in our home, thanks to the love and help of family. We cut our clan of 4 in half, leaving us with the baby and the 5yo. We have allowed the older to stay up late, catch fireflies, eat cereal for almost every meal, go… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 012

[Thursdays here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful.  #ThankfulThursday] [ one ] Seasons. I was thinking about this yesterday and shared it at our mid-week worship service before worship. It is so amazing to me how creative God is. Think about how creative seasons are… really. How boring would it be if we only had Summer. Yeah….. Read more »

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aiming at grace

  I received a text from Lesley yesterday and it said this: I called. Promptly. The story, in a nut shell: one of the boys was riding his bike and ran into a planter sitting in front of the front door/window. Deep breath. Most of what is broken isn’t meant to be broken.. we all accidentally… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 010

There is always something to be thankful for – Thursdays around here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful. Three things I’m thankful for today. [ one ]  imagination.  I’ve seen my sons in the last few months really start to play together and use their imagination. Granted there are times where it is an all-out brawl, but other times… Read more »

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The last few months have been silent here. Here’s why… I’m closing down this blog. It’s a little bitter-sweet as this has been a landing-place for a lot of thoughts for the past 5 years! I’ve met a number of really cool people and have appreciated and been blessed by the interaction. That’s the bitter part…. Read more »

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press 1 to confirm, 2 to… BEEP

Our boys love to talk on the phone, we still have a phone in our kitchen with a chord on it. It looks like it is from 1970, because it is. Our three older boys all had dentist appointments and the dentist office (like most nowadays) have one of those FACCM’s (futuristic automated confirmation calling… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 006

Thursdays here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful.  Today’s post is by Sarah Beth Wunderlich. [ one ] i choose to be thankful for messes. though they require energy and time to clean up they are remnants. remnants of life being lived. dirty dishes in the sink means a meal was provided and possibly enjoyed. unsharpened pencils abandoned on… Read more »

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guitar picks and cough drops

This morning I was getting ready to leave for the office when my two-year old son came into my bedroom and grabbed a rogue cough drop off my dresser. I thought he was going to unwrap it and eat it – to which I told him he had to put it back. But nope. He… Read more »