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guitar picks and cough drops

This morning I was getting ready to leave for the office when my two-year old son came into my bedroom and grabbed a rogue cough drop off my dresser. I thought he was going to unwrap it and eat it – to which I told him he had to put it back. But nope. He… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 002

There is always something to be thankful for – Thursdays around here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful.  [One] Children’s innocence. [Two] Answered prayer. [Three] The creativity of God (and the image of it in his people)! Thankfulness is something we should practice! Share in the comments what are you thankful for!

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the battle

My strength. When broken. I am seated with you. When chaos. You are still. When accusations. You are shelter. When failure. You are faithful. When I disappoint others. You are not. When doubt. I look up. When distraught. I praise.