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What is your favorite sound?

  What is your favorite sound?   I recently asked this – it was a topic of discussion for meals, texts, twitter, facebook and even our neighborhood.   Some of the responses : thunder, an orchestra tuning before a concert, rain, various (specific) bird calls, silence (which I argue is not a sound), the net… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 010

There is always something to be thankful for – Thursdays around here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful. Three things I’m thankful for today. [ one ]  imagination.  I’ve seen my sons in the last few months really start to play together and use their imagination. Granted there are times where it is an all-out brawl, but other times… Read more »

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QUITR vol 5

Good decisions don’t make life easy, but they do make life easier. (Movie: Forever Strong) Teach in every moment with your kids. Be a “kid” at least once a month. Prayer: I want to be where the will of your hand and the strength of your love collide 9/19/10 Romans 9…… Fall rain is refreshing, After… Read more »