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give up what?!

I love spontaneity. My wife loves routine. I love snow. My wife loves 75 degrees. I love technology. My wife loves paper. I love night. My wife loves sleep. I love adventure. My wife loves home. I love doing nothing. My wife loves a plan. This list does not end. Here is what we can… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 004

  [ One ] Video Chat : this seems to be “normal” in our culture at this point. But I remember needing to drive 9 hours as a child to see family & friends. While on the road this week I’ve been thankful for video chat to see my four boys and their faces and… Read more »

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my wife, my birthday

Dec, 5 – my birthday. I once read “There comes a day when you should stop expecting people to get excited for your birthday… that age is eleven” — very funny. That said, I am extremely blessed by all of you that wished me a ‘happy birthday’ via ¬†facebook, phone calls, cards, singing, gifts, texts,… Read more »