Something to ponder (that I am pondering) – Where do you get the most fulfilling “thank you’s” in your life / day? I am finding that that is where I tend to put most of my energy… just something to think on.

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I find that if my family thanks me for even the simplest things I do as a housewife, I tend to feel like I want to try even more or go that extra mile in my ‘chores’ around the house. My family saying thank you is my payment for the hard work and love I put into the things I do around the house being a housewife doesn’t pay well! but thank yous make it all worthwhile.


I don’t know about where i get the most thank you’s but i think the most meaningful/impactful ones are the unexpected one’s. And i still appreciate the ministry thank you’s more than most, probably because i don’t ever feel burned out at home or anything like that but sometimes need the “church” encouragements.


Unexpected thank yous from coworkers, family, friends. Or even strangers, because they may be the once in a year, month, week thank yous that although you do not know them, you value them and treasure them even more because they come with no bias from people you do not know.

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