Thursdays here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful Today’s post is by Sarah Beth Wunderlich.

[ one ]

i choose to be thankful for messes.

though they require energy and time to clean up they are remnants.

remnants of life being lived.

dirty dishes in the sink means a meal was provided and possibly enjoyed.

unsharpened pencils abandoned on the floor means our two year old has moved on from drumming to a new interest, for the moment.

extra dirty laundry simply means i chose to be more present for an afternoon, rather attend to housework.

the current soap scum ring around the bathtub means the bathtub is actually being used every night, for someone who really likes “extra bubbles.”

bits of popcorn found on the couch means jesse and i thoroughly enjoyed an evening of relaxing, cinema, and salt!


[ two ]

i am thankful for salt.

yes, salt. in no particular order, here are my favorite ways to consume salt:

potato chips, popcorn, and corn on the cob!


[ three ]

i am thankful for the Word of God.

some days the presence of God, being revealed through His Word, leaves me speechless.

He knew that many others and i, sarah beth, would need His Word.

a living book of Truth, love, warnings, encouragement, romance, adventure, and more…

(which naturally leads me into a FOURTH…)


[ four ]

i am thankful of worship.

in all it’s forms…i love to worship our Lord.

whether it be through song, reading His Word,  or the overwhelming joy i experience when the re-

birthing process begins in the spring; i love to worship our Creator.

Written by Jason

lover of: Jesus, @legangw1, 5 sons, lyrics, family humor, and epic blanket forts. Worship Pastor: Blogger: Songwriter:

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