There is always something to be thankful for – Thursdays around here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful. Three things I’m thankful for today.

[ one ] 
imagination.  I’ve seen my sons in the last few months really start to play together and use their imagination. Granted there are times where it is an all-out brawl, but other times where they are pretending and really being a  blessing to each other and me as I watch.

[ two ] 
wisdom. God, in James 1:5 and following, gives a promise that if we ask for wisdom – He will give it. Stop and think about that for a bit. THAT is amazing. Something to be thankful for. That we don’t have to go about our day / situation guessing how to do things, how to say things, how to respond. We ask for wisdom and he will give it. What’s more, he loves it when we ask. When we rely on him and his wisdom and knowledge and not our own understanding.

[ three ]
rain. Rain recently is a VERY welcome event. Why? Because it means it is not snowing. I suppose I’m thankful for both (yes I just said that)… Both can have a calming effect on your soul. Rain seems to be what I prefer in this season. Let it rain, I am thankful.


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Written by Jason

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