Take a moment and think about something you aren’t all that proud of as a parent. Maybe it was something you said to your child. Maybe it is something you didn’t follow through with, maybe it was something you did that they called you out on…


Got it? Do you have something in your mind?


Ok, did you know that your most unbecoming moments as a parent, the times you wish you could take back are moments for you to teach humility to your children?


I’ve talked about this before but if there is one attribute I hope my kids model – it would be humility. Granted there are other character traits that I am training in my children, but humility – as I think about it is on the top of the list. I can teach them about humility – I can give them definitions, modern-day parables, even biblical examples. But when they see me make a mistake and come and ask for forgiveness – they will remember that forever. And I can then say follow my lead.. “do as I do”.


Written by Jason

lover of: Jesus, @legangw1, 5 sons, lyrics, family humor, and epic blanket forts. Worship Pastor: www.praisecc.org Blogger: www.atthespeedoffamily.com Songwriter: www.soundcloud.com/jgangwish