• How does it make you feel when someone “likes” something you say?
  • How does it feel when NO BODY “likes” what you say?
  • Should it matter if Jesus isn’t in the list of “likes” ?

Recently I’ve realized how much of what I do, say or think is driven by what others “like”  – the implications can be devastating.  Not only devastating to my own heart, but to those around me.

My Take-Away: Strive to get a “like” from the only one that matters. Simple, right?

Written by gangwish

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Josie Andrews

This is so thought provoking. All too often we are concerned about others and try not to offend. We adjust what we say and do to maintain the status quo, when all that matters is that we are true to our heart and maintain our morales and values. I want people to like me, but not at the risk of not liking myself.

Jason Gangwish

Very True, Josie. Very True. It is important to be like-able, but when we (I) become “like-able” for the wrong reasons…. well it can be hard to face-up to what we did, say or think.

Ryan Egan

I fall into this trap way too often as well and you’re right, the effects can be devastating. It’s falling into the “fear of man” wanting and worrying about their approval instead of the “fear of God” – respecting and honoring Him because He has called us to do so. Good thoughts!

Jason Gangwish

Well stated Ryan! I find it hard at certain times to recognize my “fear of man”… it can be very deceiving, can’t it?!

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