With time, comes change, with change comes perspective… I’ve been saying a lot of things I wouldn’t have dreamed of saying 15 years ago…

  • “…Hey!! NO! Spaceships don’t go in Macaroni.”
  • “I really need to balance my checkbook”
  • “Sorry, I can’t get together tonight to watch a movie, we have to go get diapers”
  • “should we swing by Wal-Mart quick (on a date) and get some diapers?”
  • “did you see ____’s  tweet”
  • “just throw the underwear away, it’s too far gone”
  • “oh! That diaper isn’t too bad”
  • “we don’t have a home phone”
  • “MAN…. It is late (10:00pm)”


How about you…. What would you add?


Written by gangwish

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  • I live in the country
  • I am a stay-at-home mom.
  • My husband hunts.
  • So which toy should I play with – the combine or the manure spreader?
  • I drive a minivan.
    -My husband is amazing.
  • So, I am thinking of canning applesauce this weekend…
  • I am getting good at budgeting.
  • My father bought an SUV. (still in disbelief over this one and it happened almost 2 years ago!)

“I need to go prepare my sermon”
“Giving my blessing for Benjamin (son) to join the service”
“Boss, I need to give my notice so I can be free to minister”

Just to name a few

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