a couple weeks ago, I purchased a fire pit… as most everyone that I talk to on a normal basis knows, I’m so excited to use it this summer!!

Earlier this week I asked Lesley to join me to have the “maiden fire lighting” in our back yard. It was a perfect night for sitting back and observing the flames of a small fire dance in the evening. As you know, normally “good conversation” surfaces while sitting around the fire… sigh… I love it. As our discussion topics started to come to a resolve my mind started slipping into “autopilot” and I found my self thinking about WORK! Granted it was a crazy week, but common!! I was sitting there with my beautiful wife, on a perfect evening enjoying a fire in my backyard… how the heck did I start thinking about work stuff??? Then it hit me… and I asked Lesley (with out telling her what I was thinking about) “What do you find yourself thinking about when you just let your mind “slip” to where ever…?” Her answer was what I thought she would say… it was to worries of the house, the BAT we had in our house earlier the previous week (ask about the story… it is pretty funny), and other odds and ends.

So here is what I realized that I do…. (and I think all of us do it).. when I let my mind go and I don’t guard my thoughts. I find myself thinking about things that I am not surrendering to God… Work, Sports, Kids, Money… etc…

Psalm 55:22
Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you;…”

Be encouraged if you feel overwhelmed with your circumstances, your list of to-do’s, or the people you are leading (family, employees)… and cast your care on the Lord, he will give you the strength to endure what you are facing.

Written by gangwish

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i love bon fires camp fires fire pits etc love em all

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