When I think of how passionate some are about a particular “Style” of Worship (mainly speaking to Music) I wonder what King David would say in response (I include myself in this reflection)… or further more how God receives this…?

Currently I’m on a Search Committee for a senior pastor and a couple weeks ago I was mulling over some prospective profiles of Senior Pastors and one of the questions that was asked was: “What style of worship do you prefer?” One candidate answered “anything but all hymns”. In all honesty I have the same preference, but what does this say about our (my) purpose of worship at times? When worship becomes anything but to extol, exalt, and adore God, then it is simply not worship.

What if God would (I know that he wouldn’t) mandate that every church in all the world sing songs just like the Levites did. Would anyone even know how to play some of those instruments…? The majority of people wouldn’t even know how to pronounce some of those words / lyrics!! In all seriousness, I understand that God takes joy in different varieties of Worship (different styles if you will), but when we start to think we can only worship with a certain style of music (or not with a specific style) then, well…. we’ve (I’ve) missed the point of true Spirit filled worship. I include myself in all of this because I’m guilty of these thoughts at one point or another.

Next Part: “Where…?? Why there??”

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justin raulston

I totally agree, while i include myself in the "i prefer contemporary" group, i always think it's odd that many of us in that group talk about how "stubborn" the "old" people are because they don't want "our" music, yet we very easily don't want "thier" music and that doesn't seem to be a problem. John 4 Jesus said there would come a day when people would worship in 'Spirit' and 'truth" sometimes i wonder if he was talking about the two "generations" that are trying to come together in worship today.

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