What is your favorite sound?


I recently asked this – it was a topic of discussion for meals, texts, twitter, facebook and even our neighborhood.


Some of the responses : thunder, an orchestra tuning before a concert, rain, various (specific) bird calls, silence (which I argue is not a sound), the net swish of a perfect shot in basketball, kids laughing, kids singing….. and on.


My favorite sound? The heartbeat. Laying my ear on a chest to hear a heart beat. There is nothing like it for me. Have you ever done this? Most of us have, and most of us (myself included) have only heard someone’s heart like this if we are close to them.. proximity – but relationship as well. There’s only a handful of people I have laid my head on their chest to hear their heart. My wife, my kids, and my dad.


After picking up coffee yesterday morning I was driving to the office thinking about this. I was overwhelmed with emotion when I started to ask God about it. “Would you let me lay my head on your chest (Jesus).. I was almost hesitant to ask – I felt like a little kid sheepishly asking for a piece of cake when I knew I didn’t deserve dessert. But I heard that small / non audible voice say “of course”. I started to cry. What is it about the heartbeat?! To lay my head on my Savior and KING’s chest. Sappy I know – I really don’t care. It was power lesson for me of intimacy, sound, and all my ear is turned toward.

Ask someone close to you if you could listen to their heart.. better yet just go lay your head on their chest.

It will be worth a listen.

I have so many thoughts about my favorite sound – but what about you, what is your favorite sound? Feel free to elaborate!

Written by Jason

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