Trauma. It slows you down, it qualifies and prioritizes people, tasks, and passions …. there’s much more it can do, but these are what it did for me today. And that is what I want to ‘journal’ about here tonight.

Today was a unique day. My oldest son lost part of his finger (the tip of his right middle finger). The nurse termed it as a “partial amputation” – which I suppose is fitting… but man does that sound scary or what?! It happened in some ‘light-hearted’ door slamming with his brother…..

He really was a was a trooper. As my wife and I reflected on the events of the afternoon; he never stopped pointing to Jesus. Even with a throbbing finger he reminded my wife that God could do a miracle and He could restore his finger “all back”. What an amazing little guy. I agree with my son’s faith and prayer and most of all – I  appreciate the way he has challenged me to live for Christ even when it hurts.

His AWANA verse this morning was Matthew 28:20 “…I am with you always…” Awesome.

So what can losing part of your finger do? It can glorify Jesus.  Simple, but profound.

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Stevie McHugh

The faith of a child is a beautiful and powerful thing. I’ve just lost a finger myself, but in a different way (it’s deformed and painful due to arthritis). Keeping a good attitude and a firm faith in Jesus is also helping me to overcome the loss. God bless you and your family. Thank you for sharing about your boy’s faith; it’s very inspiring.

Jason Gangwish

Thank you for your comments Stevie! I appreciate it more than I can express here. Blessings and prayers to you this evening.

Lesley Gangwish

I am so grateful for the message on Sunday on pain and suffering. It made us as parents ready to teach Roman the truth–that pain and suffering is not from God but comfort and healing is. Roman knows that God has the power to perform a miracle on his finger but he also knows that it is in Heaven where he will be fully restored. Thank you Jesus for taking care of us when you took on the cross.

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