There has been a picture that has haunted me… it stirs frustration and compassion in me every time I see it… what is aggravating at some level – I find myself being the hand and arm in the picture at times with people… just an honest confession.

Recently my middle child has been really trying hard, and I mean REALLY trying to quit his thumb-sucking. I noticed him chewing on his shirt tonight (which he never does) and it dawned on me… he is trying to keep his thumb out of his mouth. I knelt beside him and asked him what he was doing… “nothing” he said. I pressed in, knelt down and asked, “are you trying to keep from sucking your thumb?” He looked straight in my eyes and smiled, then nodded his head yes as he kept his shirt between his teeth.

Here is another confession.. when I first saw him sucking on his shirt I thought “common bud, what are you doing that is gross” – I wanted to say “stop sucking on your shirt!” 

This is where I am grateful for the Holy Spirit that nudged me to kneel next to my beloved son, and tell him I was proud of how he was trying so hard.

God is always kneeling beside you, no matter how gross your shirt is… how messy your life is..

God will supply you with encouragement and knowledge – he will renew your mind (Roman 12) – he makes you new (2 Cor 5:17) – he will kneel next to you, so ask him to help you. He will. He will hold you when you want to quit…His Word became flesh (John 1:1-5) to show you the way, and to walk with you each step.



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Jason Vana

That picture angers and frustrates me as well. I’ve seen those kind of words truly strangle friends and family and students in my ministry, not to mention myself. Glad to hear you allowed the Holy Spirit guide you in that situation!

Jason Gangwish

I think it is always important to realize that we all can, and do, strangle people with our words at times… the key is to do it less and less, right?! 🙂

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